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Q-KOIN-M Layout (free under GNU-Licence)

(beta version 27.5.2007 by Ruben Barkow)


Like the ENTI-Key++ Layout, you can only use your left or both hands


This layout enables you to type complete texts and code only with your left hand, leaves your right hand free for the mouse, numberpad or just drinking coffee.

Additionally some of the most common letters E,N,O and I are repeated on the right hand side of the keyboard to increase your typing speed.

Designed especially for programmers or people, that have to type a lot of special characters like komma, ", =, [, ], <, >, ', -, ., $, /, +, *, ( and ) .

This Layout is optimized for easy learning. All frequent keys are kept at the same finger as in QWERT-layouts. But it is not as optimal as the ENTI-Key++ Layout in not using the same fingers on frequent key-pairs like TH and EN. And the F-Key is kept at the best position at the keyboard although it is rarely used




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  • Most Keys are left a the same position as in QWERT-layouts
  • The keys N,I and O on the right hand are staying on the same fingers and only move to the middle row
  • Only three common keys are changed: M, U and L, but they stay at the same finger too


Free Download (Beta version):

Windows XP: drivers ~1MB

including keymap and Pictures




This layout was inspired by the QWERF Layout:

QWERF Layout

A modification of the ubiquitous QWERTY layout

       QWERF JYKL;  
     ZXCVB NM,./  

very easy to learn, because it is very similar to QWERT



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Ruben Barkow