The Coffee++ Layout

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The Coffee++ Layout

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a revoluting keyboard layout for left hand writing and writing with both hands optimized for Programming Codes like PHP and Pearl.

the keys on a standard 105-keys keyboard are changed, so you can reach every letter on the left hand side. the numbers are used as letters too.
(numbers are banned to the number-block and second AltGr-combinations)

only the 4 most frequent letters E,N,T and I are repeated on the right side in the middle row, so you can type very fast with both hands.


Re: The ENTI-Key++ Layout

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Wow. That is soooo cooool. Finally something useful for us! Awesome thanks. You rock!

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Re: The ENTI-Key++ Layout

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I really enjoy working with the ENTI-key++ layout. It works out ok most of the time.
I used the Windows version which is ok except for some situations.
With the linux version I needed to adjust it a bit to make it work for me (see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17&p=135#p135).
Also it looks, that some keyboard shortcuts are still bound to the old key values, e.g Ctrl+<key>, with the value of <key> corresponding to the QWERTZ/Y position. It does not really matter but the problem might be with some level definitions still missing in the XKB layout description.


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